Monday, August 31, 2015

Are you buying from a reseller?

 *UPDATE* Since I have posted this I have gotten a wonderful amount of responces! A few of the full perm makers have added something like this to their TOS (Terms of Service) (example:You shall not under any condition share, sell or give UV maps, shadow maps, sculpt maps, textures or any other material that helps fashion designers and builders to create their products using these items) is going to be an awesome help in being able to spot those selling this new style of resell items.
Keep it up our designers/builders deserve to be known for all they do for us here in sl.

Before there was mesh clothing, we knew when we were buying items from a reseller because the seller did not have the option of not notifying the buyer they were not buying from the actual designer. These reseller items were also sold in a split-pay vendor system between the designer and the reseller. Now that mesh clothing has gained popularity, there are many who make the textures for full perm items and charge whatever price they choose. Aspiring designers buy these textures and slap them on the full perm item and call themselves a designer. In other cases, the full perm item itself comes with premade textures; however these textures are made by the mesh creator and not the 'designer'. These designers do not make or use the textures as a pattern or guide on outfits but simply put them on the item as they come from the mesh creator as opposed to upgrading the textures by adding bump or shine, sleeves, greater detail, etc to enhance the look of the item. Upgrading the textures is fine as it shows that the designer is using their skills and imagination in being a true designer.

Example of Premade Texures

In other words, you could buy an outfit for 250L and find your friend got the exact same outfit at a different store for 99L. However, a second friend could have purchased the same exact outfit as your first friend, for the same price or less in a third store, with the fabric/textures exactly the same as hers, while yours is only available at the store you purchased yours at and is completely different textures/fabric. This is the difference in purchasing from a true designer and one who takes short cuts by purchasing pre-made textures.

Be sure you are aware of who you are buying from - don't be afraid to check on marketplace, ask your friends, ask your designer, and check your designers groups. Many reputable groups check stores before allowing these types of 'designers' in their sales groups.  Please keep in mind we make every effort to keep these types of 'designers' out of the groups; however, we can not always check all items in a store so some may slip in.  Once we do find out a store is selling these types of items, they are removed.

Many designers work days and even weeks on 1 outfit in their effort to provide you with their very best in design.  Yes, they may be a little more pricey, but believe me it is worth it!  And you will soon realize it when you/your avatar walks into a room and all heads turn, wanting to know where you found your outfit as opposed to the alternative of walking into a room and several avatars have the exact same ho-hum outfit on. You can walk proudly into a room knowing that your outfit is designed by a designer who is offering their very best work for you to wear!


  1. hi5 nanna thank for showing everyone this i for one appreciate it

  2. It is great to see that this is being brought to everyone's attention. I personally feel that many content creators do not realize that this is taking place and do not completely comprehend how this can hurt them as a creator of mesh clothing templates.