Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Changes To Fifty5 Thursday (updated)

Changes coming soon to Fifty5 Thursday:

We are going into our 5th year and so many changes have come to sl since then, I have taken much into consideration about changing Fifty5 Thursday, lots of researching and talking with Designers. With Mesh taking over a big part of our sl now, there is a TOS (Terms of Service) from content creators that must be adhered to. This will bring you, as a customer, better quality items,and as a designer, an opportunity to offer more items without breaking TOS of some of the mesh template creators..
Fifty5 Thursday name will remain (No Name Change) since it requires a New group and kiosk to make a name change and we have way to many subscribers(15k+) to even attempt switching over. Besides the name Fifty5 in no way means the cost of a sales item, just happens to be cost since started.

The new cost will be 55L to 100L. The higher prices reflect some mesh content creators' TOS on pricing.
Selling items for less than the TOS prices from mesh template creator could result in missing items for designer and customers, if they filed a report about breaking their TOS.

The cost of submissions for designers will not be going up.We will be allowing designers to put in up to 6 textures per store. This allows designers to show off multiple colors, or a few different designs at one time. 

 Keep in mind our designers will still offer the same quality & new items as before, and you are still getting an awesome deal. Our designers work very hard and have overhead costs which has been being over looked for too long.